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Research interests


Insect Ethics

 I am interested in understanding the relationship between people and invertebrates. In particular, I am focused on developing the current understanding of ethics and welfare surrounding the use of invertebrates in the context of the industrial production of invertebrates for food and feed, as well as invertebrates in research. 


In addition to my work on insect ethics, I am also interested in invertebrate personality, and the cross section between personality and sociality in social species of invertebrates. Using a combination of field based work, laboratory experiments and modelling, I aim to investigate how differences in behaviour between individuals in a group can impact survival.

Wildlife Trade

I also have a keen interest in the legal and illegal trade of invertebrates, and am interested in both developing practices for ethical and sustainable trade, as well as understanding the extent of trade of under-studied species. 

For any students interested in a project in any of the areas above, do feel free to get in touch.

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